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A new beginning part. four by darkangel1819 A new beginning part. four by darkangel1819
Jodelle P.O.V

I was out in front of the school now. It was huge. I walked into the school yard. Also very great. It was like the schools we saw in the TV. There was a huge clock on the tallest building. A football field fenced in the corner of the schoolyard. A bell is ringing. A bell is ringing! I hurried inside. There was chaos inside. All was going to the class they had hours in. And me. I did not know anyone and did not know where I was going. No one came up and asked if I needed help. No, I had to fend for myself. It was probably fair enough they did not notice me. They had all their thoughts to go around. All the people. But still drops my eye on him. One who would change my life. That I did not know at the time. But now I know better. I do not know if it was intentional, he caught my eye, but he did. We kept his eyes a little longer than you would, but he did not look as if he found it awkward. He just smiled at me. I could not believe it. No one could then find to look in my direction. And certainly not smile. It is sick and ... Wrong. I looked down at my phone as if I got a text message and then I saw that I had a huge pimple. Right in the middle of the forehead. Mostly he looks. And smiles. He fights safe from laughter. I rushed to the bathroom, still with my bag on his back. I found it bare necessities make up and covered what I could. I was ashamed and did not want to go out. I felt like a complete idiot. In the midst of my thoughts came a girl out of the bay. I discover so that behind her comes 2 girls more out. Something I think is disgusting. But that's probably just because there is no will on the toilet with me. They looked bad on me. They had a poker face behind all the make up and brown cream they had on. I was on my way out the door then, her I think is anføren think probably she called Susan Simpson (got an e-mail with a class list has only read a few), go into me. Quite deliberately. She smiles a cheeky smile and pushes me into the door. She was certainly popular. Those I had met a lot of before. However, there was no one who used almost to start a conflict. Fortunately, I have lots of patience so I went out the door as if nothing had happened. I was also really care about her. As long as I could keep me away from her it was fine. I went out and away. I found my class but immediately realized that everyone was gone for hours.
IloveThesimpson Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2012
d'awww... :blush: mary spuckler :meow:
darkangel1819 Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2012
it fits very well with the dress and the mean girl
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November 18, 2012
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